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Cases, Crates & Boxes

If you’re unsure whether you need a crate, case, box or pallet, look at the examples below and give one of our friendly staff a call. We will discuss your options and the most appropriate packaging solution for you. Aussie Crates wooden boxes and crates are constructed out of kiln dried pine, using timber supplied from certified Australian plantations.

Timber Crates / Wooden Crates

Wooden crates by Aussie Crates

Timber crates have slatted sides, top, and floor. They are ideal for reducing overall package weight and allowing internal visibility. They also provide good protection and excellent air circulation.

Timber Cases/Boxes

Timber Crates and Timber Boxes Perth

These are fully enclosed wooden cases/boxes assembled in such a way that the individual panels are built against each other, leaving no gaps and providing maximum protection.

Ply & MDF Boxes

Ply & MDF Boxes Perth

These are fully enclosed and are lighter than structural pine cases. Our plywood is manufactured by gluing together layers of wooden sheets. The resistance to cracking, shrinkage, twisting/warping and improved strength makes it perfect for air or sea freight.

Pallet Boxes

Timber Pallet Boxes

These are timber pallets manufactured with the sides matching the height specified by the client. These are used for stacking items on shelves.

Plastic Pallet Boxes

Plastic Pallet Boxes Perth

Lightweight, easy to clean, and not needing fumigation, collapsible plastic pallet boxes are ideal for export purposes, food industry hygiene benefits, and where there are environmental restrictions. Boxes come with or without a lid, with removable covers for vented and non-vented storage.

Steel-Framed Cases

Steel-Framed Cases Perth

Steel-framed cases/boxes can be fabricated to provide additional strength for heavy-duty items. All steel frames are coated with a rust proofing primer that protects against corrosion and enhances durability.

Flat Packs

Flat Packs Perth

Ready-to-assemble packing crates with customised dimensions are an ideal option for assembly on or around odd shaped products.

Livestock Crates

Livestock Shipping crates Perth

Customised crates for the safe transport of sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, ostriches, horses, dogs and other livestock via air, sea and land transportation. They suit ship and aircraft configurations and meet IATA regulations. Our livestock crates allow for proper airflow and come with plastic lining and absorbent materials if required.

Display Boxes

Display Boxes Perth

Enhance the presentation of your products or provide easy care storage with the natural, rustic look of pure pine display cases/boxes.