The following linings can be used inside your box:

  • Plastic lining (basic protection against dust and moisture)
  • Tar paper lining (waterproofing protection)
  • Foam lining – Soft and Hard (for protection against shock)
  • Plywood lining – (a lighter alternative to a fully enclosed pine crate)
  • Bubble wrap lining (protecting fragile products against scratches and shock)
  • Heat-shrink wrapping - of the goods or the entire crate for protection against the elements

Yes. If required, we can manufacture timber crates using hinges, hasp, and staples to make them lockable and reusable. Another cheaper alternative is for us to tek-screw the lid so that it can be refitted as many times as you need to.

Yes. Aussie Crates is ISPM-15 compliant. We offer H3 and H4 treated timber, as required by the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island. We meet all the compliance regulations of importing countries, as well as AQIS specifications. Also for export purposes, the box will be stamped.

Aussie Crates make boxes, pallets and crates from pine, plywood, MDF, hardwood, and steel frames. Plastic pallets are available on request.

Many factors influence the type of box or wooden crate you might need. Some things to consider are:

  • Is the product delicate and does it need protection from the elements?
  • How it will be transported, either by road, rail, air or sea?
  • Is it travelling locally or internationally?
  • How much does the item weigh?
  • How big is it and is bracing or a type of scallop glut required?
Please contact our expert team with your requirements and we will be happy to recommend the most appropriate timber packaging.

Yes we do, but we also custom make to your size requirement

Although crates can be designed to carry almost any weight, the standard configuration we use is designed to carry up to 600kg, evenly spread. Generally, it is helpful for us to know the weight of the product so we can design a base to carry upwards of 20 tonnes.

Because Aussie Crates custom-make all their timber boxes, our standard sizes are whatever size you require! We keep records of all orders, so repeat orders are fast and efficient. We can also allocate a personal product code to your order for ease of ongoing orders.

Yes. Aussie Crates will deliver free of charge to anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area (for any order that exceeds $500 exc. GST). Please phone us for more details.

We are not freight forwarders, so we can pack your product and deliver it directly to the freight forwarding company you have arranged.

Yes. All timber crates and cases ordered will come with a lid. If you do not require one then we can provide a proposal on a box without a lid.

Yes. Although most things that need packing can be quoted over the phone, a representative from Aussie Crates will be happy to come out and provide a free measure for any more complicated jobs. If you measure the item to be packed yourself, where possible, please provide us with the size you want the inside of the box to be (L x W x H) in millimetres. With these details in hand, we can provide you with an estimate over the phone.

Yes. We offer a packing service, either on your site or at our premises. There is an hourly charge for any packing job (but higher if required to pack after hours) and will include the cost of any packing materials used (foam lining, bubble wrap, etc.)

Yes. All timber boxes and pallets made by Aussie Crates come with forklift gluts so you will not need to request them. However please let us know if they are not required. If a box is very small or does not carry a great deal of weight it may only need finger gluts.

Yes, we recycle our surplus timber into bags of firewood and sawdust which are available for sale. Community projects also make use of our timber offcuts by recycling them into wooden toys, games, and equipment.