Plastic Pallet Wrap

Plastic Wrapping Services

Protect your goods with wrapping products inside their wooden crates or containers, suitable for transport or storage.

types of Plastic Packaging Wrap

As your packaging partner, we provide all-encompassing packaging solutions. 

Stretch or Cling Plastic Wrapping

  • Base level of protection
  • Protects items from dirt and dust
  • Not waterproof

Shrink Wrap Packaging

  • Sealed using heat application and conforms to the shape of the item
  • Keeps out most water, but moisture can accumulate inside depending on the surrounding environment
  • Option for ventilation
  • Protects from dirt and dust

Preservation Wrapping

  • Highest level of protection available
  • Protects from dust, dirt and chemicals
  • Includes desiccant (water-absorbent material) to remove moisture
shrink wrapping

When to Use Plastic Wrapping

Wrapping your products protects their surfaces from chafing or rubbing against other items within their crate or container. Wrapping can be used for:
  • Products of any shape or size – from tools and machines to household items
  • To tightly combine smaller items
  • To wrap products together on a pallet (less common)
  • Packing goods for businesses, individuals and storage

Packaging Products

For over 40 years, Aussie Crates has custom designed and manufactured a wide range of timber packaging products including wooden crates, wooden boxes, plywood and timber cases and wooden pallets. Our services include free measures and quotes, heat-shrink and plastic wrapping, strapping and bracing, procurement, and onsite and offsite packing. Using modern CAD technology and understanding your exact packaging project and industry requirements, Aussie Crates delivers superior workmanship and fast turnaround times.

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