Shrink Wrapping Services

Shrink Wrapping Services

Are you looking for Shrink wrapping in Perth? This is a service that many businesses require when shipping their custom packages- and we are here to help! 

Instead of shrink packaging the product in-house, which can be time-consuming and messy, why not seek the help of professionals? Aussie Crates are the experts in shrink wrapping in Perth, so you can rest assured that our services will ensure that your products remain in excellent condition during storage and shipping. We use high-quality film to protect your items – mining, automotive, construction, hardware or packaged food items.

Shrink wrapping is a safe and cost-effective way of protecting your packaged items for transit.

Shrink film comes in different sizes and shapes, and we can help you choose what packaging is best for your product. Keeping your items covered in shrink wrap gives you peace of mind because it protects them from the damage caused by wind, dust, pests, and harmful UV rays.

Shrink wrapping is a great way to protect your goods and save you money in the long run as your products will be safely packaged, thus avoiding replacing damaged goods.

For the best shrink-wrapping service in Perth, you can rely on our skilful and dedicated team at Aussie Crates, who always seek perfection in what they do. Contact us now to enquire about your custom packaging and shrink wrapping needs.

Packaging Products

For over 40 years, Aussie Crates has custom designed and manufactured a wide range of timber packaging products including wooden crates, wooden boxes, plywood and timber cases and wooden pallets. Our services include free measures and quotes, heat-shrink and plastic wrapping, strapping and bracing, procurement, and onsite and offsite packing. Using modern CAD technology and understanding your exact packaging project and industry requirements, Aussie Crates delivers superior workmanship and fast turnaround times.

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