Procurement of Goods to Accompany your items being Transported

Beyond delivering custom made wooden crates and boxes, Aussie Boxes also supplies all manner of packaging products to WA businesses and can arrange the freight to ensure the safe delivery of your equipment.

Our procurement services provide businesses with a reliable pipeline providing packaging materials for their packaging and storing needs.

Your business can take care of all your ordering in one go, with no need to shop around to different suppliers to ensure you receive everything you require.

We procure packaging essentials such as:

  • Plastic pallets & boxes – easy to clean and reusable.
  • Strapping, e.g. Ratchet straps, J-hook straps – secure your items and prevent damage caused by jolting and movement.
  • Packaging materials, e.g. bubble wrap, plastic, various types of bags – helps to protect your items from dirt, dust, moisture and movement.
  • Desiccant/silica gel – helps to protect your goods from moisture.
  • Screws, nails & hardware – anything required for wooden crates, boxes and cases.
  • Shock watches – damage indicators and prevention

Contact Aussie Crates to help you arrange any additional items.

Packaging Products

For over 40 years, Aussie Crates has custom designed and manufactured a wide range of timber packaging products including wooden crates, wooden boxes, plywood and timber cases and wooden pallets. Our services include free measures and quotes, heat-shrink and plastic wrapping, strapping and bracing, procurement, and onsite and offsite packing. Using modern CAD technology and understanding your exact packaging project and industry requirements, Aussie Crates delivers superior workmanship and fast turnaround times.

Packaging Partners for Clients Across a Range of Industries