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Plastic Wrapping Services Perth

Trusted Plastic Wrapping Perth Services

There are several businesses that heavily rely on plastic wrapping Perth services. They consider such a service as essential when wanting to deliver their products or items safely and in one piece. Since the demand for plastic wrapping services is high, numerous suppliers have entered the industry, however when it comes to timber packaging or plastic wrapping solutions, you should only turn to one of the most trusted suppliers in Perth—Aussie Crates.
Aside from providing custom wooden crates to customers in Perth and surrounding areas, Aussie Crates also offer plastic wrapping services. As an added protection, our packing crate professionals will wrap your goods with plastic. We utilise a number of packing materials to ensure the safety of your items.

Heat-Shrink Plastic Wrapping

Heat-Shrink Plastic Wrapping

We offer expert heat-shrink and plastic wrapping services that are excellent for protecting your goods during shipment and storage. The thick plastic provides a protective shield to prevent damage to items of almost any size or shape.

Different plastic wrapping materials and accessories are used to ensure your equipment arrives in one piece and undamaged after its journey.



Benefits of Plastic Wrapping

No matter how small or big your business is, it is important to establish trust with your customers. Getting their item delivered to them in one piece gives them an impression of how much you value your clients. One of the ways you can protect your items in transit is through shrink or plastic wrapping. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with this packaging solution.


Heat-shrink wrapping is durable since the plastic film used in it offers superior quality. If you are transporting products across long distances, this is an ideal way of protecting the items against transit damages.


There are items that are difficult to package, including bulky machines and items with obnoxious shapes and designs. Candies, game pieces and small electrical wires can be plastic wrapped to prevent exposure from moisture. With heat-shrink wrapping, your products will be fully enclosed and protected from dirt, moisture and other elements that may damage them. It is also worth noting that even buildings can be shrink wrapped to protect it from hazardous materials or chemical leaks.


We offer the most affordable services for plastic wrapping Perth has to offer compared to other options. You can also save space by bundling the items together, and of course the more space you save, the more money you save.

Protection from Tampering

Plastic wrapping, specifically heat-shrink wrapping, seals the item and holds its shape, therefore when the item has been tampered with, it is immediately noticeable. People will think twice before they try to tamper with your goods.

Aussie Crates – Your Go-To Source for Packaging Solutions

There are truly several advantages to using plastic wrapping, however there are still other businesses that prefer plastic pallets, timber pallets and metal pallets. Here at Aussie Crates, you have plenty of packaging options to choose from. Browse through our site to discover more about the range of packaging solutions we offer.

We are a family owned, Western Australian company that has built a reputation for delivering custom packaging solutions. Whether you need timber packaging or the best services for plastic wrapping Perth has to offer, you can turn to us. We are here to help you see your items transported securely.

Contact Aussie Crates today at (08) 9358 1355 and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to assist you with your queries and needs.

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Different plastic wrapping materials and accessories are used to ensure your equipment arrives in one piece and undamaged after its journey.