Heat Shrink Wrap Packaging

Heat Shrink Wrap Packaging Perth

Heat shrink wrapping can be tricky – leave it to the Perth shrink wrap experts at Aussie Crates.

Shrink film comes in different sizes and shapes, and we can help you choose what packaging is best for your product.

The heat shrink wrapping process uses a shrink film, which shrinks tightly over the item covering when heated. It is performed with an electric or gas heat gun on the shrink wrap or a conveyor belt or packaging machine. Aussie Crates has the capacity for all options, depending on the object a hand.

Heat shrink wrapping protects your goods from dirt, debris, moisture, containments and chemicals by completing sealing in the items. The tight seal also protects your goods from unauthorised tampering.


Aussie Crates is equipped for large volume repeat orders. Therefore, if your business is looking for a new packaging partner, look no further. Aussie Crates are the experts you need to get the job done.


Moving house? Shrink wrapping isn’t only essential for business. It’s also for anyone who needs to protect their personal items safely and cost-effectively for transport.


Heat shrink wrapping will keep your goods in perfect condition no matter how long they are in storage. With shrink wrapping, you can have peace of mind that your stored items are protected.