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As the name implies, wooden crates are made of wood and are intended for storage, or as a shipping container. There are several types of wood that can be used in the construction of wooden crates in Perth – lumber or timber, plywood, and engineered wood, among others.
One might wonder why, considering all the technological advances and the availability of aluminium and other materials, wooden crates are still preferred for storage, and for shipping purposes. This is because the materials used are relatively lightweight. The slatted sides, top and floor allow for internal visibility, so you can easily see what is inside. Timber crates, in particular, provide excellent protection, as well as good air circulation. You can be assured that things stored inside get enough air and sunlight, without exposing them too much to the elements. Despite being lightweight, wooden crates are very sturdy, making them ideal for heavy and difficult loads. They are also very rigid, and highly stackable – perfect for when you need to save up on storage space.

Aussie Crates Wooden Cases and Timber Boxes

Wooden box versus wooden crate

One thing that needs to be clear is that wooden boxes and wooden crates are not the same. If a framed structure remains standing even after its sheathing has been removed, then it is a crate. If, however, there is no way to fasten the lumber around the edges of the container after the sheath has been removed, then it is a box.

Customised wooden crates in Perth

We at Aussie Crates are able to design and build wooden crates that are customised to your specific needs. Our very able team will discuss the different options you have and work closely with you in coming up with your wooden crates. We will make sure that you are informed of the entire process from start to finish and we will, of course, be very willing to make modifications during the development stage, until we are able to come up with a product that satisfies your requirements.

Our timber packaging is renowned in Perth for its durability. We only use timber of the highest quality in the manufacture of wooden crates Perth residents and business owners can rely on every time. We are able to come up with timber packaging that will suit your budget, so do not hesitate to enquire about the different options that we can offer you.

Whether you have a big budget or a limited one, what we can assure you is that our wooden crates and boxes will always trump cheaper alternatives, and in the long run, can save you lots of money. It also takes away the worry that your package will not make it to its destination in one piece. So really, no matter what the cost, our products will always be worth every penny.

If you are unable to visit our premises to enquire about our packaging products and services, we will gladly visit you, free of charge, to measure the items you need packed. Alternately, we can provide free quotes over the phone.

Call us at (08) 9358 1355 today to enquire about our timber packaging products and services.

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