10 Tips for Shipping Wooden Crates and Boxes Across Australia

Wooden crates and boxes are one of the most efficient ways for you to ship large, fragile or bulk-bought products and items in a safe and cost-effective manner. What’s more, this packaging method uses only 100% natural and recyclable materials, meaning that it’s also the environmentally friendly solution! Of course, there are a number of things for you to consider before you proceed to ship your items out using wooden crates. For this reason, we’ve provided a few tips for you to follow down below, when wanting to ship your wooden crates and boxes across Australia:

1. Decide between pallets or crates and boxes

Before you commit to getting wooden crates or boxes, it’s important to first determine whether or not they are actually the right packaging solution for you. Wooden crates and boxes are excellent for shipping a variety of items; however, they may not be suitable for everything. For example, bulky and oddly shaped items would be best off being secured on a pallet. On the other hand, wooden crates and boxes may be more suitable for shipping fragile goods.

2. Make sure that the wood is treated

When you’re using wooden crates and boxes to ship your goods, it’s important to make sure that they’re safe for transportation. ISPM-15 is the standard for regulating the transportation of timber packaging, which is set in place to prevent the spread of timber pests across the world. If your goods arrive at their destination but the wooden crate is not ISPM-15 certified, then it will simply be sent back to its destination. Needless to say, ensuring that your wooden crates and boxes adhere to these standards is imperative.

3. Determine the size of your product

You should also be sure to take the size of your product into account, as forcing a large product into an undersized container can end up damaging your goods.  Similarly, placing smaller items in a box that’s far too big could also result in some damage occurring, as the items would have too much space to move around in during transit.

4. Determine the weight of your product

Placing heavy items into a lightweight crate or box is a recipe for disaster, which is why you should always ensure to place bulky items into a strong and sturdy container. If you have your wooden crates and boxes custom-made by a packaging professional, then you can be sure that your packaging solution will be able to accommodate for your cargo’s weight.

5. Choose the best box for your needs

Overall, you should always make sure to take the aforementioned factors into account when choosing your wooden crates or boxes. Those which have been built to fit the specific requirements of your cargo will be the most effective at keeping it safe and protected.

6. Protect your items adequately

Although wooden crates and boxes are excellent at protecting your goods from external elements, along with impacts, it’s still vitally important that you protect your fragile goods by wrapping them in materials such as bubble wrap or cushioned packaging, and secure them with tape.

7. Pad the interior of your crate or box

Without padding, it’s likely that the materials stored inside your crate would move around a lot during transit. Since this can generally lead to damage, it’s a good idea to fill the inside of your crate or box with packing peanuts, newspaper, bubble wrap, or some other cushioning material.

8. Pack and seal

After placing your packed items into the box, you should be sure to check for rattling. Give your box a little shake, and if you can still hear the item moving around, then you should ensure to add more padding into the box before sealing it up.  

9. Don’t forget the ‘FRAGILE’ label!

Through sticking a ‘FRAGILE’ label onto your packed wooden crates or boxes, you can be sure to give whoever is handling your cargo an indication that the goods inside are delicate, and should therefore be handled with care.

10. Trust in a reputable packaging supplier

If you want to ensure that your wooden crates or boxes adhere to the necessary standards and fit the requirements of your products adequately, then it’s best to have them custom-made by a reputable packaging professional. At Aussie Crates, we hold the highest standards when it comes to manufacturing packaging products that you can trust to get your goods from A to B safely. Consequently, we provide as the ideal solution when you’re looking to ship your items across Australia, or even internationally!

For more information on our wooden crates and boxes, be sure to get in touch with Aussie Crates today!

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