3 Tips in Recycling Wooden Crates

Compared to other shipping materials, wooden crates are the eco-friendlier option with their recyclable properties.

Timber crates can provide optimal protection and support for the products you’re shipping. What’s more, these materials have a long lifespan. So, even when they’re no longer suitable for shipping, they can be repurposed.

If you want to get ideas on how to recycle wooden crates, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips on how you can breathe new life into these crates.

1. Reuse Around the Home

As we’ve mentioned, a wooden crate is a shipping solution with a long lifespan. In most cases, you can keep reusing it as a shipping solution for around three to five years. Its lifespan can also increase, depending on how you care for it.

In most cases, you can protect and preserve the crates by heat-treating the timber and keeping it away from moisture. You can get more years out of them by getting them repaired, refurbished, or reconditioned. If you can’t use them as a packaging material, you can give them a new purpose around the home. Here are some examples:

  • Planter box – Wooden crates are perfect as partitions where you can add soil and plant flowers or vegetables.
  • Coffee table base — You can create a wonderful coffee table by securing a slab of thick glass over a wooden crate.
  • Patio seats – You can design the wooden crates as rustic benches for your patio. You can add some pillows to make them comfy.
  • Party display – If you’re having a backyard party, you can use wooden crates as a display. You can also use them as makeshift tables where you can put food or party favours.

2. Turn into Storage

You can also use wooden crates to store other products or items. If they’re no longer appropriate for shipping, they can still be useful in your business or workplace. You can even break them down and stack them on top of each other for easier storage.

Now, for homeowners, wooden crates can also be recycled and turned into storage solutions. For instance, if you received a small wooden crate, you can paint it. You can hang it on your kid’s wall and turn it into a storage unit for toys or books. It can be a great addition to your child’s bedroom or play area.

Another great thing about timber is it makes for some of the best furniture. So, you can use a wooden crate as a living room storage box. It can be a great place for dumping your extra comforter or cushions when they’re not in use. You can also make the crate aesthetically pleasing by staining the material and adding some handles. Ultimately, you can make modifications that can turn the crate into lovely living room décor.

3. Send to a Recycling Facility

There are used crate facilities that accept discarded shipping materials for recycling. These facilities can turn the crate into other useful products or items that can be used in businesses or homes. You can save yourself the hassle of processing the crates by sending them to a recycling company.

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