AS 1604 Timber and Crates for Barrow Island

Recently, some customers have requested treatment certificates for cases we previously built for them. Most of them planned to have the cases shipped to Barrow Island. Moreover, since projects for Gorgan are increasing, requests for crates to Barrow are also in high demand. Unfortunately, these customers can not reuse their existing crates for Barrow Island since they do not meet the standard specifications (unless specified/requested earlier). All our crates, cases and timber are ISPM 15 (AS 2400) certified. Even though this means that our products are suitable for export, they do not meet Barrow Island’s Quarantine Specifications.


Timber and timber products that are shipped to Barrow Island must meet Australian Standard (AS) 1604. This entails a necessary extra set of preservative treatment on top of our usual fumigation treatment (ISPM 15 or AS 2400). The good news is that we usually have AS 1604 in stock so we can provide a quick turnaround for customers who urgently need custom boxes for Barrow Island. In addition to AS 1604 timber and crates, we can also provide clients with AS1604 treated plywood of varied thickness. We can also supply Marine Grade Plywood British Standard (BS 1088) or even just hardwood timber.


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