Aussie Crates Are Venturing Out To Do More Pallet Furniture




Above is a pallet coffee table made out of fruit crates, and guess what? It also serves as an outdoor bar bench! Outdoor pallet furniture is becoming very popular; and we love giving ourselves a challenge. There are many things you can do with pine and you can complete the look yourselves by giving it a different finish by using different stains. All the pallet furniture that you buy from Aussie Crates are brand new, which means we don’t use recycled second hand timber pallets. All our timber pallets is treated to meet IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) international standard. This means that the pine is heat-treated so that it will not carry invasive insect species or plant disease acquired from different countries. This is a requirement for any export material or timber coming into Australia.


Do-it-yourself (DIY) pallet furniture is fast becoming a trend in Australia. You can try using recycled pallets, but you should give extra precaution on what has spilled on the pallet. It is advisable to use a brand new pallet compared with a recycled one because you don’t know what the second hand pallets have been used for before it becomes part of your furniture. It is also safer because you know that the pine used has been treated. When it comes to design, there are many beautiful ideas for pallet furniture on the internet. You can easily search on Google or any other search engines for DIY pallet projects. There are even tutorials available online, which makes it easier to complete a project. If you need help with the materials, feel free to contact our team of experts so we can give out recommendations based on your budget and requirement.


We at Aussie Crates are also more than willing to customise pallet furniture for you! Just send us the design or let us know what style you want – whether you are planning to build a bench, coffee table, picnic table, or even as ambitious as a cubby house – we can help you create your dream furniture. With us, you are assured of getting things done on time and of world-class quality.

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