Crates and Packaging for Here, There and Anywhere

When it comes to customised packaging for delicate items, Aussie Crates has you covered!

Aussie Crates is the industry leader in the creation of made-to-order custom timber crates and packaging services.

When you are shipping valuable items, you need expertise on your side to ensure they arrive in premium condition. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Aussie Crates has been the most trusted supplier of high-quality custom packaging for over 40 years. In this time, we have gathered a wealth of crucial knowledge that puts us a step above our competitors and allows us to continuously innovate our methods to guarantee the safety of our goods.

The variety of items that we work with is vast. You could even say we have seen it all – from livestock to ground-breaking medical technology, to award-winning art.

However, no matter the requirements, our expertise in timber packaging and local and international shipping regulations has got you covered.

What should you look for in a custom packaging partner?

TIME – Turnaround time of custom crates and packing is absolutely crucial for successful delivery. Our infrastructure and capacity are simply unmatched by our competitors. This allows us to deliver the shortest delivery times in the industry. Aussie Crates can deliver the final product in under 24 hours from completion for urgent orders, so your business never has to miss a beat. *Please note due to current timber shortages turnaround time for non-urgent orders ranges from 2 days to 2 weeks.

TRUST – If your business is frequently shipping large quantities of goods, you need a packaging partner that you can rely on. We know that for large companies when it comes to procurement, opening accounts in logistics and purchasing can be a pain. Aussie Crates is a well-oiled machine already set up and ready to immediately begin receiving orders for a multitude of products – just tell us what you need. When you dial our number, you can trust you’ll get what you need right on time.

TRANSPARENCY – Unlike some of our competitors, Aussie Crates completes all aspects of the custom crate and packaging production in-house. When you select Aussie Crates, we guarantee it is our team that does the job. Our competitors often use external suppliers to outsource various aspects of the process. Therefore, they lose quality control throughout production, which may affect the delivered product. However, with Aussie Crates – what you see is what you get.

What industries does Aussie Crates partner with?

Aussie Crate’s expertise stretches across a wide variety of industries. Some of the sectors we work closely with include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Art

When it comes to shipping, goods don’t often get more delicate than valuable art. Aussie Crates has experience in protecting and packaging all mediums of art, from fragile sculpture to massive, wall stretching paintings.

• Medical Equipment

The speedy and safe shipment of medical and healthcare equipment could save lives. Whether your business requires the shipment of large singular machines or a huge volume of smaller pieces of equipment, Aussie Crates will find the perfect packaging solution.

• Computer Equipment

Computer equipment varies vastly. However, it can be extremely fragile and requires a certain position or balance to remain undamaged. If your business requires frequent, efficient, and secure shipment of computer equipment, Aussie Crates expertise will ensure the safe delivery of all items.

• Mining Equipment

In Western Australia, mining is one of our largest industries. Therefore, in our over 20 years of experience, Aussie Crates has worked with many mining companies to safely ship equipment of all sizes, shapes, and levels of fragility. When it comes to creating custom timber crates for mining equipment, Aussie Crates is the frontrunner in the industry.

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