Cutting Timber Packs, Time and Money

Aussie Crates cutting timber pack saw service

Thanks to this automated pack saw, gone are the days when the Aussie Crates team had to cut large quantities of timber to the same length just one piece at a time.

We’re happy to share the benefits of this pack saw (or stack cutter) with anyone who’d like us to cut large quantities and large packs of timber up to 1.5m high and 1.5m wide. Just send us your timber packs and we’ll dock them for you, saving you valuable time and money as well as relieving the monotony of cutting individual pieces of timber.

The mobile frame clamps and holds the pack of timber, then with the press of a button the chain saw will slice through the timber in no time at all. What used to take a day can now take just ½hour and the saw cuts timber to an accuracy of +/- 2mm.

Call us to find out how this pack saw service could help you with your projects.

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