Everything you Need to Know about ISPM 15 Regulations

ISPM 15 packaging solutions PerthWhen searching for a company that provides quality shipping crates Perth residents can trust to protect their cargo, it’s also important to be educated about ISPM 15 regulations. Understanding them and how they apply to your circumstances can be confusing. As such, we’ve put together this article to help you understand the process and requirements needed in acquiring the ISPM 15 packaging solutions Perth customers always choose.

ISPM 15 Explained

Wood packaging products such as packaging crates, pallets, spools and dunnage are susceptible to pest infestation. These pests present real threats to forest health around the globe. It’s also worth noting that some pests are native to certain regions and they may not be native to the forests in another area, therefore when you introduce these pests into an ecosystem, they may significantly affect the biodiversity and health of the forest.

ISPM 15 stands for ‘International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure No. 15’. As the standard for regulation of wood packaging material in the international trade, it helps reduce the spread of wood-borne pests in solid wood packaging materials. ISPM 15 was developed and controlled by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), a member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

As of this writing, there are around 85 countries adopting ISPM 15 for imported wood packaging materials. It is expected that more countries will adopt this measure in the future.

What are the Products Covered by ISPM 15?

Wood packaging materials (WPM) that have to be ISPM 15-compliant include shipping crates, pallets, timber boxes, spools, and dunnage. WPM can take various forms and shapes when they are used to transport or support a product to its final destination.

If the wood packaging material is manufactured using reconstituted timber products (i.e. oriented strand board and plywood), they are exempted from this standard. On the other hand, if raw lumber is used as WPM, it has to meet the requirements of ISPM 15.

What Treatments are Involved in ISPM 15?

Currently, ISPM 15 recognises two types of treatment measures for timber packaging materials—fumigation and heat treatment.


Methyl bromide fumigation is the less common treatment measure for wood packaging materials. When a timber has been treated using this method, it will bear an IPPC mark with the initials ‘MB’. Fumigation is the ideal option for last minute treatments (in the country where the material originated, during transit or in the port of the destination country). It is also a good treatment method for especially complex or large wood packaging materials which cannot practically or easily fit inside a chamber with the right heat temperature.

Heat Treatment

The most common method that many packaging manufacturers use to meet ISPM 15 regulations is heat treatment. The timber must be heat treated to a core temperature of 133°F (56°C) for 30 minutes. It is certified to be ISPM 15-compliant with the HT lumber grade stamp on it.

If a country adopts ISPM 15, the wood packaging shipped to it must be properly labelled with either the IPPC MB mark or the IPPC HT. If a shipment without the certification mark enters a port, it will be kept and fumigated within the premises. On the other hand, it can also be declined and sent back to the port of origin. In worst case scenarios, the material can be destroyed at the shipper’s expense, while some end up buried in a landfill.

Would you Need to Comply with ISPM 15?

You must consider getting ISPM 15 certification when:

  • Your operation involves solid timber pallet, a wood shipping crate, boxes or dunnage manufacturing.
  • You export wooden packaging materials to countries adopting ISPM 15.
  • Your operation requires ensuring that your timber packaging materials are ISPM 15-compliant, avoiding quarantine in an overseas port.

Is There an Option to Buy ISPM 15 and Personally Build my Timber Box/Pallet/Crate?

ISPM 15 is a quality control certification program that is specifically designed for solid wood packaging materials. The standard does not apply to raw lumber, therefore you wouldn’t find ISPM 15-certified timber. Keep in mind that the IPPC certification mark is often licensed to registered wood packaging manufacturers. The registered facilities are the ones to apply the mark to the completed shipping crates, boxes, pallets, etc.

Of course, it is possible for anyone to build wooden packaging from timber that has the original mark visible on each slab, however this is often not practical. The IPPC mark certifies the entire timber packaging product and not just one slab of solid lumber. You should also consider the customs officials; it would be cumbersome and time-consuming for them to look at every board in a wood packaging item.

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It is worth mentioning that the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme has certified Aussie Crates as a supplier of ISPM 15-compliant timber and AS1604 standard wood packaging. Moreover, we are experienced in handling H3 and H4 treated timber, as required by the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island. We always ensure that the treated wood bears an internationally recognised certification mark. This authenticates the fact that the wood has been treated according to ISPM 15 requirements. It also allows traceability to the country of origin.

There is a reason why we are recognised in Perth as the Timber Packaging Professionals. We do not throw the term ‘professionals’ around loosely. For us, it means that we have to gain a thorough understanding of our customer’s requirements. Moreover, we ensure that the solutions we offer are the most reliable, innovative and cost-effective option, regardless of the quantity, size, weight or destination of your shipment.

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