Going Offshore, But Not Off-The-Shelf

Aussie Crates Off-the-shelf timber box
Are you sending something offshore and need some packaging that’s not off-the-shelf?

Aussie Crates have a can-do attitude when it comes to custom building our crates, cases and pallets, and this timber box is just one example of that approach.

High quality, structural grade marine ply was used to give this box the weather-proofing needed to carry a tripod which was being sent offshore.

The required length of the box was greater than the longest piece of available marine ply, so Aussie Crates laminated 2 sections, with double thickness and the joins placed at opposite ends to maintain strength.

Because the wooden box is being used more than once, extra attachments such as hinges, adjustable, lockable ojop fasteners, chains from the lid to the base and a handle on the front, all add to the convenience and durability of this timber case.  It also had a coat of red paint to meet the client’s request.

Our experienced team are good at thinking outside the square, so if you have a shipment that looks complicated, call Aussie Crates to help make it easier.

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