Handle with Care: Heavy Steel Containers for Explosives

Heavy Steel Containers for Explosives
You would expect to hear plenty of loud noises coming from the Aussie Crates warehouse with nail guns, band saws and machinery in constant operation.  But loud noises are not what our client wants to hear when their valuable cargo of explosives is in transit!

These heavy steel containers are used to carry explosives, but in their original state are not safe enough to transport the sensitive cargo.

Aussie Crates have secured 50mm thick, marine ply timber inside each of the containers.  Brass screws and hinges were applied to prevent combustion, as other materials would be capable of causing sparks and subsequent explosions.  Varying shapes and sizes of containers have been altered this way, with internal doors and removable sections to allow access to opening mechanisms.

This project illustrates how Aussie Crates can customise any protective timber packaging you need.  In this instance we haven’t built a wooden crate or case, but have modified an existing container to provide extra protection for some sensitive cargo.  Customised shipping container packaging is another service we offer to our many and varied clients.

Be blown away with the timber packaging capabilities of the Aussie Crates team, by giving us a call to discuss the details of any of your transport dilemmas.

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