How Important Are Wooden Crates for Sustainable Packaging?

Packaging is something used by almost every business in every single industry. But with such a vast amount of goods being transported day to day, it’s important for businesses to be turning their attention towards sustainable packaging solutions. 

Now, when we say ‘sustainable packaging solutions’, it’s natural to assume that we’re talking about eco-friendly products that can be recycled and reused with minimal negative impact upon the environment. No doubt, this is an incredibly important aspect to consider when determining packaging solutions for your shipping purposes. But aside from this, it’s also worth considering the sustainment of your packaging solution itself, as well as the sustainment of your resources. Luckily, wooden crates are a 3 for 1 deal, making them an ideal packaging solution if you’re wanting to implement more sustainable practises.

Below, we’ve outlined why wooden crates are so important to use as a sustainable packaging solution: 

Simple Manufacture

Minimal equipment, materials and energy are involved in the manufacture of wooden crates. On the other hand, plastic crates require plastic to be created then moulded, which involves a whole heap of different raw materials and lengthy processes. 

Durable and Long-lasting 

Wooden crates are a durable and long-lasting packaging solution, meaning that they’re ensured to resist against wear, decay (especially if they’ve been treated). Needless to say, wooden crates can be used over and over again for your business’s shipping purposes- you won’t have to spend precious resources on replacing the same product after every use. This not only makes wooden crates an incredibly sustainable packaging solution, but also a cost-effective one. 

Easy to Repair

Did your wooden crates cop some damage last trip? No worries! You can easily minimise damage to your wooden crates by following a few simple tips. However, if your crates are in need of some TLC, you’ll be pleased to find that they can be easily be reinstated to their former glory, much unlike plastic crates. As mentioned previously, plastic crates are moulded into shape, rather than built. Because of this, a damaged plastic crate will most often go straight into landfill, rather than being reused for alternative purposes.

Can Be Recycled

Wooden crates are entirely recyclable; that aspect alone makes wooden crates a sustainable packaging solution. Wooden crates can be used in a number of different applications once they are no longer suitable for storing or shipping cargo. For instance, they can be used to make furniture. On the other hand, they may be used in other building and landscaping projects. Even when wooden crates are at the very end of their lifespan, they still have a purpose. They can be used as firewood, or processed into mulch or animal bedding. 

Turn to Aussie Crates for Durable Custom Wooden Crates 

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