How Shrink Wrapping Helps Secure Items in Timber Pallets

We talk a lot about the benefits of timber pallets, crates, cases and boxes here at Aussie Crates; but nothing goes hand in hand with these packaging products more than shrink wrapping, a versatile packaging solution that comes with a variety of different benefits for you and your cargo. 

What is Shrink Wrapping?

Shrink wrapping involves using a shrink film (made of plastic) and tightly wrapping it around an item, so that the product is firmly held together. This is done through enclosing products in a plastic film, applying heat (which allows the film to ‘shrink’ over the products), then allowing it to cool. This results in the creation of a durable plastic barrier over the items. 

You’ve probably seen packs of water bottles covered in tight, stretched plastic at the supermarket. That’s a common everyday example of shrink wrapping. Shrink wrapping is ideal for a number of different items and businesses, especially those operating in the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re needing to transport bottles, cans, boxes, books, hardware, or even bulky items, shrink wrapping is an ideal packaging solution for all of it.  

The Advantages of Using Shrink Wrapping

1. Affordable

Compared to a lot of other packaging services and products, shrink wrapping is actually relatively affordable for most businesses to take advantage of. It ensures to keep items held tightly together, which also works to minimise space.

2. Offers Excellent Protection

Shrink wrapping will offer your cargo excellent protection against the elements, including wind, moisture, dust, UV rays, and even pests. It’s incredibly durable and puncture-resistant, meaning that you can expect it to protect your items all the way throughout transit. This is what makes shrink wrapping so suitable for items such as food and beverages, which are vitally important to protect from contamination

3. Deters Tampering

Being durable and puncture resistant, shrink wrapping your products also ensures to deter tampering. If you’ve ever tried ripping a shrink-wrapped package open with your bare hands, then you’ll probably understand what we’re talking about. Of course, if anyone does manage to tamper with your cargo, it’ll be easy for you to notice immediately. 

4. Allows for Customisation

The benefit to keeping your shrink-wrapped packaging clear is that you’ll be able to monitor the condition of your items easily. However, there’s also the option to customise your packaging by displaying your brand on the shrink wrap. Shrink wrap can be designed with specific colours, pictures or logos in order to promote your brand and make your products stand out a bit more.    

5. Contains Leaks

The great thing about shrink-wrapping items like food and beverages is that if something leaks, the leak will be contained within the package- you won’t have to worry about it seeping out and causing damage to all your other cargo. 

Why Do I Need Shrink Wrapping and Timber Pallets?

Shrink wrap and pallets go together like freshly baked bread and butter; you really can’t have one without the other. If you were to put all your cargo on top of a pallet without any extra security, you’d have items falling out all over the place or damaging each other during transit. Shrink wrapping prepares items for storage and transport on timber pallets, by keeping them firmly held together and nicely contained. In this way, you can keep your cargo in one piece all throughout its journey and make it a lot easier to load and unload items.  

Turn to Aussie Crates for Shrink Wrapping and Packaging Products

Ever tried shrink wrapping an item yourself? Well, it can be messy and time-consuming, so why not turn to the packaging professionals instead? At Aussie Crates, we help Perth businesses to ensure that all their cargo is packed properly and ready for transport. We offer a variety of packaging products and services, including wooden crates, cases, boxes, pallets and skids. So, no matter the size or type of goods that you’re needing to ship, you can expect us to have the perfect customised packaging solution ready for you. 

To enquire about our shrink wrapping or other packaging services, be sure to contact Aussie Crates now!

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