How to Avoid Costly Delays in Mining Equipment Transportation

In the mining industry, your equipment makes or breaks your productivity. If your equipment is delayed or damaged in transport, it can spell huge problems for your project.

So, how do you ensure that it arrives at your mine site safely?

Know your measurements.

The first element of organising transportation for your mining equipment is knowing its dimensions and weight.

If you are the logistics manager, procurement manager or mining co-ordinator for a project, we suggest:

  • Keeping thorough records every time you measure and weigh a piece of equipment to avoid having to re-measure equipment
  • Partnering with a packaging company that will know the measurements of your equipment simply from the model or are happy to perform a free measuring service

Mistakes in measurements can lead to delays when it comes time to transport. Make sure to get it right the first time for a smooth experience.

Partner with a company with heavy equipment packaging experience.

Ask the question, “Have you worked with heavy equipment before?”

If the answer is no, it’s worth exploring other packaging companies.

Even if a company hasn’t worked with your specific items, past experience of partnering with the oil and gas industries is crucial.

Partner with a company with local knowledge.

Wherever you are in the world, find a company that has well-established relationships in your industry and local knowledge.

Local knowledge includes:

  • Knowing the environment
  • Having experience with businesses similar to your own in your area
  • A working understanding of industry procedures in your area

In Western Australia, our mining equipment needs to travel to rural, isolated locations. Therefore, the packaging needs to be equipped to protect your goods from the harsh environment and long journey.

Partner with a packaging company that thoroughly understands the criteria of WA transportation to ensure your equipment arrives safely.

Use high-quality materials.

Ask your packaging company what kind of materials they use.

Packaging materials need to be of high quality and sourced from reputable suppliers.

All wood packaging and timber crates, pallets or boxes should be ISPM 15 Certified. This is the international standard for timber.

If a company can’t guarantee this, you may receive faulty packaging or infested wood materials.

Use custom-built wooden crates.

Choose custom-built wooden crates, which provide better protection of your mining equipment. Custom-made wooden crates are durable, reliable, and withstand the harsh WA environment. Whatever the equipment’s size, shape, or weight, a crate can be manufactured to perfectly suit its requirements.

If a packaging company cannot supply customised solutions and instead suggests that you could transport the equipment ready-made crates, look elsewhere.

Take control over your mining equipment transportation. Contact Aussie Crates.      

Some delays cannot be avoided in mining equipment transportation, such as those caused by severe weather or random accidents.

However, you control the packaging company you trust with your equipment.

With over 40 years of experience in heavy equipment packaging, Aussie Crates provides customised packing solutions to businesses across Australia.

Trust Aussie Crates with your equipment and avoid costly delays that come with partnering with less experienced companies.

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