How Warehouse Logistics are Changing and How Timber Pallets Can Improve Its Storage

Once upon a time, the humble warehouse was just a small cog in the works- an important yet relatively small section of the supply chain that was often reserved for large corporations, who had a greater need for (and who could more easily afford) the extra storage space. Of course, nowadays, that’s all changed.

Today, warehouses are fundamental to a wide range of enterprises, whether they be small, medium or large, thanks to the rise in e-commerce. Although e-commerce was on the rise well before the onset of COVID-19, the pandemic has only increased the erratic demands of online shoppers, who are wanting their products delivered faster than ever, and at highly competitive rates. For most online stores out there, the warehouse is the equivalent of a brick-and-mortar location. So, in order to keep up with changing needs and demands of consumers, businesses have to make sure that their warehouse storage systems are optimised to deliver smooth and seamless functionality.

If you’re new to warehouse logistics, then you may be surprised to find that the type of packaging material you use in your warehouse can greatly influence your warehouse operations. Below, we’ve outlined how choosing timber pallets can help you to address many of the following changes to warehouse logistics:

A Demand for Greater Storage Space

E-commerce is booming. If anyone wants to buy a product on your website, all they have to do is click a few buttons, enter in their address and card details and voila, they’ve got an order confirmation, and then that’s your cue to get moving. Such an instantaneous process removes all the steps that were formerly in-between; waiting until the store opens, driving to the store, picking up the product, waiting in line, etc. Because it’s so fast and accessible, it means that anyone at any time can do it. This, of course, creates greater demand- and it’s demand you have to account for if you want your business to keep up.

An optimised warehouse storage space is necessary for meeting demands, so that you can store as many relevant products as possible without overstocking or creating a safety hazard in your warehouse. Now, you may be asking yourself, ‘what have timber pallets got to do with this?’ Well, the answer is that timber pallets are excellent for saving on storage space. You may have limited floorspace available in your warehouse, but there’s a ton of overhead space you aren’t using- and that’s where timber pallets come in. Through stacking pallets on top of each other, you can utilise vertical space and save on horizontal space; freeing up room for walkways and more important products.

A Push for Sustainable Warehouses

Sustainability is a now key focus for the majority of businesses, and so it should be. Choosing to embrace sustainability will allow you to make a more positive contribution towards the environment, manage your reputation, reach new customers, innovate with new products, and much more.

Timber pallets are manufactured using timber, a 100% natural and recyclable material. They’re also a long-term packaging solution, meaning that they can be used over and over again for your business’s storage or transportation needs. If you have no more use for them in your warehouse, you can also use them or sell them for reuse projects.

Quality Assurance

No business wants to receive an unhappy email from customer, claiming that their products have arrived in poor condition. If you want to ensure a safe journey for your products during transit, then you have to make sure that the packaging you’re using is made to fit the requirements of the cargo. Being custom-made, timber pallets can be manufactured to suit whatever dimensions you have in mind. Rest assured, through ensuring this for your cargo, you can minimise or completely avoid damage during transit.

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