The Importance of Appropriately Wrapping your Cargo for Shipment

If you are running a business, you know customers hate receiving broken or damaged items. When your product does not arrive at its destination in one piece, your relationship with your customer will become strained and the image of your company will be tarnished. Needless to say, damages during shipment can be very frustrating for business owners.

On the other hand, there are some preventive measures that you can take to avoid incurring damages during transit. Aside from custom packaging your items, you can also add another layer of security by using protective wrapping methods.

You may want to take advantage of shrink wrapping for your products being sent from Perth. It can be quite challenging to ship oversized cargo overseas. When the item cannot fit usual shipping crates, you can shrink wrap it to ensure that it will still arrive at its destination in good condition.  It goes without saying that there are many other reasons why shrink wrapping is one of the best options for protecting your cargo. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Have the Freedom to Choose the Ideal Shrink Wrapping Film for your Needs

It is important to protect your company’s reputation as it adds value to your brand and attracts a larger customer base. So when damages to your products during transit harm your reputation, you also make your business more vulnerable. Well, you will be delighted to know that a lot of these shipping damages can be prevented simply by incorporating shrink wrapping.

When you get shrink wrapping Perth services, you can choose among a variety of protective film thickness, depending on your specific needs. When you choose a thicker shrink wrapping film, it will be less likely that the recipient will find tears and holes on the packaging.

You can Wrap Items of Different Sizes and Shapes

How do you think are air conditioning units transported? How about boats? You will be surprised to know that both of these items can be secured against scratches and damages through shrink wrapping. No matter how oddly shaped your cargo is, packaging companies have the ability to shrink wrap your item. Here at Aussie Crates, we provide a wide range of packaging solutions, including custom building timber pallets as well as shrink wrapping your cargo.

Shrink Wrapping can Protect your Cargo from Inclement Weather

If you are sending your cargo via land or sea, you may have to worry about bad weather. Well, this won’t be a problem with shrink wrapping. This packaging method can protect your items against damages caused by rain, wind, dust, moisture and even harmful UV rays. Even if you’re not shipping cargo, you can still use shrink wrapping to protect your valuable possessions during inclement weather. If you own a boat, it would be best if you hire someone to shrink wrap it during the winter season.

If the weather’s so bad that it causes tears and holes on the wrapping, you can simply patch them up with tape. On the other hand, if the damage is a bit bigger, you can purchase wrapping film over the hole and apply heat on it. You can also call Aussie Crates to provide you with an ideal packaging solution that will fit your needs and weather condition.

Is Stretch Wrapping the Same as Shrink Wrapping?

You may find some people freely interchanging shrink wrapping and stretch wrapping. While both use synthetic plastic films, the two are absolutely different.

Both of these methods are useful in protecting your cargo. However, the two are used for different applications. When you are putting together multiple items, stretch wrapping is the ideal packaging method. What it does is cling the items together as the film is wrapped over itself. On the other hand, shrink wrapping is used for packaging individual items. Aussie Crates can also provide timber pallets wherein the items can be shrink wrapped together.

Advantages of Shrink Wrapping


  • You can ask us to add ventilation to the shrink wrapping. Doing so will reduce damages caused by moisture.
  • If efficiently done, shrink wrapping can protect against scratches and chafing during storage or shipping.
  • Shrink wrap films are recyclable. Just make sure you bring them to a recycling facility that accepts soft plastics.

There are so many benefits you can get from shrink wrapping your cargo. Aside from protecting your items from damages, you can also use this packaging method to add value to your brand identity. When customers receive their products in good condition, you can rest easy knowing that they will be satisfied and that they will be happy to come back and do business with you once more.

So, when you’re planning to ship items overseas, no matter how big or small they are, make sure you contact Aussie Crates. We will provide you with different packaging solutions so you can choose one that is ideal for your specific needs.


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