Industrial Packing Tips to Prepare for Winter Shipping

For most people, the arrival of winter simply means that they have to rug up more, carry an umbrella around, or get their annual flu shot. But for those working in the freight industry, it means planning ahead and preparing adequately in order to prevent or lessen the impact of delays, in addition to other issues. Businesses continue to operate all year round, regardless of changes in temperature and weather conditions. As such, it’s crucial for them to know how to properly prepare and pack their items for shipment. In this way, they can ensure to keep their business operations efficient whilst making the colder months go by a lot quicker.

1. Consider the Items You’re Shipping

Certain items are going to be a lot more prone to damage from the cold than others. Now, perishable food items and chemicals are a given, but appliances, electronics, wooden products, musical instruments and glass also need to be considered. These items are going to require extra protection from the cold in order to preserve their condition. So, if you’re planning on shipping such items during undesirable weather, make sure you’re preparing them properly and partnering with a carrier that you can trust to handle your cargo appropriately.

2. Prepare Your Items Appropriately

So, how exactly do you prepare your goods for shipment during the winter? Well, it depends on the item. For appliances, electronics, and musical instruments, it’s a good idea to wrap them in an extra layer of blankets to provide insulation during the journey. Musical instruments should first be packed in their case, if available. For wooden products, including furniture, it’s recommended that you apply wax a few weeks prior to packing it. Moreover, you should also disassemble it as much as possible and wrap the smaller components in shrink wrap and blankets. Glass products, such as mirrors and crockery, should be protected using bubble wrap and packing paper, then covered in blankets to provide insulation. For items that are incredibly sensitive to changes in temperature, you may need to opt for temperature-controlled transport.

3. Work with a Reputable Packaging Provider

Choosing the right carrier to transport your goods is essential. However, what’s also imperative is trusting in the right packaging provider to provide you with the right packaging solution. If you want to make sure that your goods are able to survive the unforgiving weather conditions, then you should make sure to do your research, check out online ratings, reviews and recommendations, and make sure to trust in a packaging provider that can offer you the best solution for your cargo.

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