ISPM-15 Certified Treated Timber

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If you need timber crates, boxes or pallets which meet specific import or export standards, then Aussie Crates have the certification and experience to make this easy for you.


Aussie Crates is certified under the Australian Wood Packaging Scheme (AWPCS) for the supply of AS1604 standard wood packaging and ISPM-15 compliant timber.  This includes H3 & H4 treated timber which is required for the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island.


BSI holds accreditation for the ISPM-15 standard with JAS-ANZ.  ISPM-15 is the international standard for regulating wood packaging in international trade, developed to address the global spread of timber pests. ISPM-15 describes measures to reduce the risk of introduction and/or spread of quarantine pests associated with solid timber packaging material (including dunnage). The timber has been either heat-treated or fumigated to stop the transport of insects and the treated wood bears an internationally recognised certification mark. The level of treatment the timber requires is based on exposure, service conditions and biological hazard.


Manufacturers using treated timber must undergo a regular audit to ensure that quality systems, sourcing, segregation, traceability, certification marks and records management all meet the necessary standards. This means we track the timber from the moment it arrives at Aussie Crates to the moment it leaves.


Aussie Crates underwent a regular audit in August 2014 which also ensured that operations at the new factory in Kurnall Road, Welshpool complied with all the standards.

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