Item Details We May Need From You

Item Details We May Need From You

You might have found the answers to some of your questions on the FAQ page of the Aussie Crates website, but if not, please give us a call. There are also some details we need from you in order to help with your timber packaging project.

You’ll want your quote and lead-time from us as soon as possible, so it would help us achieve this if you have the following information available when you contact us.

  • Dimensions – the length, width and height in millimetres (mm) that you want the inside of the box or crate to be. Please allow an extra 50mm on all dimensions.
  •  Weight of the item to be packed and any special handling requirements?
  •  Where is your item going – within WA, interstate or overseas? Different countries have different regulations and restrictions on import and export packaging.
  • What mode of transport is being used – truck, train, plane or ship? Indicate if the crate or box will be put in a container and if you have the relevant handling equipment.
  • Do you have any other special requirements? For example, heat-shrink or plastic wrapping, foam protection, tar paper lining, special labelling or stencilling, ISPM-15 , H3 or H4 treated timber.

We understand you might not always have all these details to hand, but the more information we have, the quicker we can cost and complete your project. That way we’ll both be happy.

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