Lift and Shift A Satellite Dish

Lift and Shift A Satellite Dish with Customised Timber Crates

Satellite dishes can transmit signals over huge distances in a split second, but moving one isn’t such a quick and easy manoeuvre.

This large satellite dish had to be dismantled, transported and then re-assembled at a new location. To ensure all the different components arrived there in one piece, customised timber crates and cases were required to protect them in transit.

Working to the client’s own specifications, Aussie Crates designed and built timber skids, crates, cases and cradles, using foam lining for extra protection where necessary. The project required a total of 60 separate pieces to be made. This timber packaging was then taken to the Perth International Telecommunications Centre where our experienced team packed up all the components into the cases, crates and skids. The packed satellite dish sections were then transported to their new home in Mingenew, 400km north of Perth, for the satellite communications experts to re-assemble and get operating again.

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