Do You Need Custom Freight Packing for Shipping?

Did you know that we offer custom packing services too?

Do you have an item that needs custom packaging and custom crates? If you need your item to be crated but not sure how you are going to go about packing it, we can custom build the crate and pack it for you too!

There are number of options, depending on your needs. 

  • We measure your item up for you and send a team of professionals to pack at your premises
  • You have your items delivered to us and we will pack it for you here at Aussie Crates
  • We will come down and measure your item for you and advise you on how to pack your item yourselves. We will then deliver the crates with a loose lid and side ready for you to pack your item in.

Our options cater to the busy, to those limited by budget, and those who need help with the work load, so there’s always a solution to your packing needs.

As you can see, we have packed many items ranging from industrial goods to sculptures.  Your case will be suitable for export and we will also provide you with an ISPM 15 certificate so that you can hand it to your freight forwarder.  All our ISPM 15 certificates are traceable, so in case you lose your certificate a few months down the road, we can always email it to you again!

Rest easy when choosing Aussie Crates for all your packing requirements. Contact us today at (08) 9358 1355 to enquire.

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