Packaging and Shipping Medical Equipment

Medical equipment often takes decades to develop, perfect and manufacture, with the engineers studying for years to get to the point of creating this finely tuned apparatus. Therefore, the final step of delivering this critical equipment to health care institutions (the shipping and packaging) mustn’t let the team down.

Essentially, medical institutions and medical equipment manufacturers have invested a lot of time, money and effort into this precious cargo. In addition, the successful delivery of this equipment could affect the level of treatment a patient receives or the overall wellbeing of a community. Therefore, you and your packaging and shipping company need to work closely to ensure everything possible is being done to protect the equipment in transit.

What to Keep in Mind When Shipping Medical Equipment

Due to the intricate nature of many different types of medical equipment, extra care needs to be taken when providing the internal soft packaging and the external hard casing of a wooden crate or wooden box.

When transporting medical equipment, you need to look out for the following potential issues:

      • Vibration
      • Shock
      • Abrasion
      • Moisture
      • Dust
      • Contaminants and chemicals
      • Tampering

Any issues related to movement can be prevented using cushioning plastic packaging materials. For example, the outer wooden crate may experience vibrations emanating from the engine of its mode of transport. However, these vibrations or any jolts and shocks are absorbed by the inner protective measures you take, such as:

      • Foam – for protection against vibration and shock. Layers of foam absorb any movement before it can cause harm to your medical equipment.
      • Bubble wrap – it may seem straightforward to use bubble wrap to protect your goods. However, the placement and grade of the bubble wrap can alter its effectiveness. Trust an expert in the packaging industry to wrap your medical equipotent to ensure it’s done correctly.
      • Felt and carpet lining – adds a softer surface for delicate items and absorbs shock.
      • Steel strapping – depending on the equipment you are transporting, steel strapping may be used over the top of the soft packaging to secure the items in place inside the wooden crate.

Packaging Protection from Moisture and Dust

Many electrical pieces of medical equipment need to be completely protected from moisture and dust. Even a tiny amount of water working through the medical equipment or dust build-up could render it damaged and useless. To protect the equipment from moisture within the wooden crate, use packaging such as:

      • Plastic wrapping/lining – The beauty of plastic wrapping is that it can conform to any shape or size – from a huge CT Scanner to a piece of hospital furniture. It creates a thin yet impenetrable barrier between your equipment and any moisture or dust in the area.
      • Tar paper lining can line the wooden box or wooden crate to provide ultimate waterproofing protection.
      • Desiccant reduces the moisture levels around an object, ensuring it is completely protected from the harmful effects of humidity. This may be useful, depending on the climate you are shipping your products.
      • Heat shrink wrapping – made of thick plastic and perfectly conforming to the shape of your equipment, this can protect from moisture, dust chemicals or contaminants that may enter the crate.

Beyond the issues that may arise from natural elements, you may also need to consider the possibility of unauthorised human interference. The above measures certainly dissuade anyone from tampering with the equipment, as there are so many layers to work through. However, you can also use Shockwatch damage indicator technology to ensure you will be alerted if anyone tampers with your equipment.

Find a Packaging Partner You Can Trust

With this information in your pocket, you can come to your packaging company of choice well-informed and ready to ask the right questions.

However, you need an expert on your side to get the job done.

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