Pallet Collars

If you need a wooden packaging solution to suit your custom pallet, you can try using pallet collars. This is a substitution for wooden cases and are also convenient as they can be collapsed when not in use for easy storage.  Great for warehouse storage facilities where it not only increases space available through efficient storage, but also decreases the likelihood of goods falling or being damaged.


Pallet collars are made from either treated timber or pine that are hinged at the ends to hold the boards together. They are built to last, saving you on needing to replace them.  They can be stacked on top of your already existing pallets thus transforming them into a case. Keep in mind that the pallet collars and the pallet are not nailed together so if you are transporting something that has fine particles, it may come off the sides. However, this is an efficient way of storing your items on pallet racks and making sure they are stored safely.


Pallet collars are usually about 190mm in height but you can stack one on top of each other thus creating the storage height that you need.  Please know that we customise our Pallet Collars to fit your specific needs for your existing pallets.


Pallet Collars can be and are used in a wide variety of industries; Mining, Truck and Motor Vehicle Parts, storage of Earthmoving Parts, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Distribution Warehouses, and for building products and tools. There are also a number of number of other uses of Pallet Collars such as transportation to market of vegetable and plant stock.


If you need some pallet collars, give us a call and one of our friendly and professional team members will be able to give you the best advice and help.  We can also custom make them to suit your pallet size.

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