Plastic Pallets Vs Wooden Pallets – Which is Better?

Pallets are the go-to option for safely transporting and storing your goods. The type of pallet you require will depend on what you are moving and storing.

When choosing a pallet, the first question you need to ask is whether you need a plastic or wooden pallet for your needs.

Both plastic pallets and wooden pallets have their merits. However, the right fit for you will depend on your industry and what you use the pallets for.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets make up less than 5% of the pallets used worldwide.

They are ideal if you are storing or transporting perishable goods or chemicals. Therefore, plastic pallets are mainly used by businesses in pharmaceuticals, the food and beverage industry, and chemical production.

Platic Pallet Box with a Lid Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallet boxes are also an excellent option for those operating in these sectors.

Plastic Pallet Pros

• Plastic pallets can be washed and reused
• No risk of fungus or other bugs living in the pallet, which may be the case in untreated wooden pallets
• Plastic pallets can last for over ten years
• Your business can reuse the plastic pallets upwards of 250 times
• Can be recycled – but need to be melted down and disinfected to be reused
• Easy to clean and keep hygienic

Plastic Pallet Cons

• Plastic pallets are not biodegradable – unless you make an effort to recycle them properly, they will become landfill
• A standard plastic pallet (1165 x 1165mm) can carry up to 1000kgs
• Plastic pallets are more expensive than wooden pallets in terms of the initial investment (although the cost per use is better)

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets make up 95% of the pallets used across industries worldwide.

From mining to medical equipment manufacturers, many different industries use wooden pallets. They can be custom-built to suit the exact measurements required for transporting your items.

Choosing a wooden pallet manufacturer that uses treated, quality timber is essential. Untreated wood can carry parasites and fungi that may spread around your workplace or affect your products.

The main type types of wooden pallets are two-way and four-way pallets.

A Two Way Wooden Pallet a Four Way Wooden Pallet with nothing on top

Wooden Pallet Pros

• Wooden pallets can carry up to 3,000kg – depending on the type of pallet
• The cost of wooden pallets is much less than plastic pallets (although you get less use per pallet)
• Wooden pallets can be easily repaired, and pieces replaced if required
• Wooden pallets are biodegradable – they will break down naturally in the environment

Wooden Pallet Cons

• Wooden pallets can be used around 5-6 times before they may need repairs or replacement (fewer times than plastic pallets)
• If you buy untreated wooden pallets, the wood could be contaminated and spread unwanted insects
• Harder to clean and disinfect properly

So, which is better?

Essentially, wooden crates are a more affordable option, yet plastic pallets are better for perishable goods and re-use.

The best thing is to consult a pallet supplier and packing expert to help you figure out the ideal choice for your business.

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