Properly Package Your Items to Avoid Packaging Disasters

Packaging and transporting your items can be the make-or-break moment for your business. It may be the final step in a long chain of hard work or crucial to continue your daily operations smoothly. Essentially, a high-quality, custom-made wooden crate may be the difference between a happy customer and a total disaster.

The Consequences of a Packaging Disaster

You may think disaster is a strong word – it’s just packaging, it’s just a shipping crate – how bad could it be? Try this one on for size…

A story recently came to the attention of the Aussie Crates team about a company attempting to transport a giant heavy industrial mining drill. This type of equipment can weigh hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, if it isn’t secured correctly, an item such as this could really do some damage.

The drill was being transported by air, and to an untrained eye, everything appeared in order and secured when it was loaded onto the plane.

However, the transporters of the drill faced a rude awakening when upon landing, the drill broke through its packaging and was launched through the fuselage of the plane. Essentially, it shot through the aircraft’s body as it wasn’t appropriately secured inside the box or crate.

This caused extremely expensive damage to the plane and rendered the drill completely unusable. Therefore, the company lost their capital investment and faced a costly delay in operations.

The Importance of Finding an Experienced Packaging Partner

If you are transporting highly valuable or fragile goods, you can’t just partner with the first packaging company you stumble across. You need to find a business with extensive experience and evidence that they have worked with others in your industry or with similar materials in the past.

After 40 years as leaders in the industry, Aussie Crates has grown our manufacturing capabilities and worked with so many different sectors that there are few packaging challenges that we haven’t already conquered.

Our experienced design team creates custom-made wooden crates, boxes and cases to ensure that your items reach their destination well-protected. (Without wrecking an entire plane in the process.)

Our team’s packaging experts specialise in securing items within their wooden crates to protect them from issues such as:

  • Environmental factors: moisture, dust, chemicals – anything that may affect your items in the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Shock, impact and jolting: outside movement from the plane, truck, boat or people handling your items.
  • Tampering: anti-tampering technology is available to ensure the security of your goods.

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