The challenge of a complex custom duckboard accepted

Aussie Crates recently had to design a custom made duckboard for a very special customer. Usually when we design a duckboard it is only to cover a very small workshop area so that the workers can walk around safely without tripping.

Duckboards are usually used on factories with concrete floors as it provides a comfortable platform for workers who stands in one place as the flex of timbers are easier on legs than concrete.

This time around however, we faced a challenge of making the duckboards over 7 metres long, 310mm high, multilevel and with steps! It wasn’t an easy task but it was one that was happily accepted by our team! We had to come up with something that was functional and easy to be moved around by our customer, yet with different elevation heights.

Aussie Crates proposed an idea, did a CAD drawing for our customer which was accepted and started building the duckboards.
I think the finished product looks pretty good. Who said we were only a timber packaging company?

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