The Onsite Packing Process: Have the Experts Come to You!

Some items are simply not meant to be moved without proper protection.

The whole point of engaging packing professions, commissioning custom-made wooden crates, cases or pallets. and investing in high-quality materials is to protect your items in transport.

Therefore, for many, delivering items to a secondary location to start the packing process doesn’t make sense. Items can be packed directly into your container, at the original premises before shipping.

That’s where onsite packing comes in.

What is onsite packing?

Onsite packing is a service provided by Aussie Crates.

Our expert team comes to your business premises to pack your goods into their desired container rather than have you deliver your items to our Welshpool location.

Packing services work to:

  • Facilitate the handling of the items
  • Protect the items against hazards and risks in transport
  • Protect the items from the environment and tampering

Essentially, onsite packing is the process of safely placing already packaged items into containers for secure transport at the location of the client’s choosing.

Examples of Onsite Packing

Every client’s onsite packing needs are different.

For example, some clients need assistance strapping and bracing their already plastic-wrapped fragile equipment into a sea container containing other goods.

Others have many smaller crates and boxes that they need safely stacked and packed into the container to optimise space and security.

How does onsite packing work?

  • Step One: Your business contacts Aussie Crates, and you have an initial conversation about your requirements. We provide a free quote for the onsite packing job.
  • Step Two: Aussie Crates prepares the required equipment and materials for onsite packing. This may include designing custom wooden crates or boxes to be then packed into the shipping containers for the protection of your goods.
  • Step Three: Aussie Crates brings all equipment and materials required for packing your goods to your premises. This may include:
    • bracing and strapping equipment
    • protective packing materials such as plastic wrap
    • moving equipment such as hand trucks or pallet trucks
  • Step Four: Your items are safely and securely packed into the container of your choosing
  • Step Five: Your shipping container is ready for transport, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your goods are protected.

Can I still have custom-made wooden crates and cases if I choose onsite packing?

Yes! Our wooden crates and cases are designed and manufactured in our workshop and then delivered to your premises. Our team will assemble the required packaging onsite if required. Your goods can then be secured and loaded inside the shipping container.

Is onsite packing more expensive?

Not necessarily; it will depend on the type of job, where you are located, and the time it takes to pack the container.

When should I hire a team for onsite packing?

If you or your staff are not trained in proper packing techniques, reaching out to a packing professional is essential.

Moving heavy or awkward items without the proper equipment can be dangerous to you and the goods.

Also, if items are not properly packed and secured within the container, they will be damaged during transport.

Therefore, if you are uncertain about any aspect of packing your goods in the container, reach out to a packing professional to protect yourself, your staff and your items.

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