Timber Crates in the Hospitality Industry

One of the best things about timber crates is their versatility. When thinking about timber storage crates, the first place your mind goes might be the manufacturing or automotive industry.

However, timber crates are also essential to the logistics of the hospitality industry. Experienced industry leaders such as Aussie Crates often partner with food and beverage companies to build custom designed timber crates.

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Uses for Timber Crates in Hospitality

In hospitality, timber crates are often used for:

  • Storage of fresh produce – the ventilation provided by the slates in the timber crate allows produce to stay crisp and fresh
  • Storage of manufactured food products
  • Shipping of hospitality resources – including uniforms, culinary equipment, linens, crockery, bulk cleaning products etc.
  • Storage of hospitality resources – crates are easily stackable
  • Display of products and produce – custom made timber display crates and boxes can be built to suit your needs.

Further to these common uses, timber crates can be custom designed for the specific requirements of your business.


Cleaning Timber Crates for Reuse in Hospitality

Hygiene and sanitation are essential in hospitality. If timber crates are not cleaned properly, they may carry contaminants that could jeopardise the goods inside.

There are several options for cleaning your timber crates. For surface cleaning of timber display crates and boxes, you can wipe them down with mild disinfect and use fine sandpaper to buff anything sticking to them.

Heat or high-temperature treatment is required for timber shipping and storage crates. These work to bring the timber to a level of heat where no dangerous microbes, fungi or invasive species could survive. A timber crate will be stamped with “HT” if it has undergone the proper cleaning measures for reuse.


Sourcing High-Quality Custom Made Timber Crates

When sourcing timber crates for your hospitality business, it is essential to partner with a reliable, experienced timber crate provider.

You need to ensure they have worked with organisations in your field before and use high-quality, ISPM-15 compliant timber.

For example, in Western Australia, Aussie Crates has the most experience working with the food and beverage sectors.


Aussie Crates builds high-quality, custom-designed timber crates to suit your hospitality business’s needs.

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