Unique Marri Burl Tables

Packing clients’ personal treasures and works of art makes a pleasant change from the industrial equipment more commonly seen at Aussie Crates.

Crafted and displayed in the Boranup Gallery in the south-west of Western Australia, these unique Marri Burl tables caught the eye of an overseas businessman. Picturing them in his dining room, he bought the last three from the gallery to be shipped back to his home in Malaysia. Because these burls take 1000 years to form, they are very rare, extremely hard to source and are now highly sought after all over the world.

A wooden crate protected the mallee root base, with the more fragile table top wrapped in protective foam and secured in a fully enclosed case. The diameter of the table top was almost the threshold size for a shipping container, so the case design and amount of timber used had to allow for this.

The majestic Marri tree is a distinctive bloodwood native to Western Australia. As the name suggests, the timber is high in gum but its feature grain is popular for making fine, handcrafted furniture.

Trust Aussie Crates to get your priceless treasures like this Marri Burl table to their final destination in one piece.

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