Wooden Boxes Storage & Shipping Containers

Wooden Boxes - Lift Van for Qube comp
Understanding the benefits of wooden boxes for storage – If you’re on the move, do you have too much stuff to pack into cardboard boxes but not enough to fill a standard shipping container? Then why not look into an Aussie Crates lift van for your next storage or moving project?

For those of you not familiar with the term “lift van” – this is the industry name for a rectangular wooden box often used to pack household goods and personal effects (as pictured above). Ordered by storage companies and removalists, wooden boxes are an ideal option where the volume of goods to be packed is less than a shipping container load.

Hinges and adjustable fasteners are attached to one side of the wooden boxes which can then function like a door for easy and repeated access. Each wooden box is built with sturdy timber frames & bases and plywood walls.

Our wooden boxes storage is available in different sizes and suitable for domestic or overseas relocations, find out more by contacting Aussie Crates on (08) 9358 1355.

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