How Wooden Crates Make Shipping Easier

Wooden crates and pallets are some of the most popular packaging materials used by manufacturers, supermarkets and machinery shops, however they don’t have to be used exclusively for commercial use. If you have a shipping project underway, custom-built wooden crates are a great investment, as they firmly secure your cargo and can make shipping a lot easier. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of using custom built wooden creates.

Reliable Way to Pack your Shipment

Cardboard boxes are also one of the most popular packaging materials, however they just aren’t strong enough to carry heavy items. There are times when you’ll be shipping something heavier or more fragile, and need something stronger that can stand on its own. Thankfully, there is a packaging material specifically made for this type of cargo- the ideal solution for your needs are wooden crates.

Various Types for a Range of Applications

There are several types of wooden crates, with each having a use for various applications. You can use frame crates for transporting heavy objects, or if you’re shipping food, open crates to allow for proper ventilation. There are also enclosed crates available which are ideal for protecting and securing the privacy of the cargo. If you want to learn more about the different types of crates you can use for shipment, we’d suggest for you to take a look at our blog post about Choosing the Ideal Timber Crates for your Shipping Needs.

Easier Way to Categorise Shipment

Using pallets makes it easier to categorise specific products in shipments, for instance, in shipments for supermarkets, every pallet typically will have a product under a specific category. In this way, the need to sort and separate the items after unloading will be eliminated. At times, the pallets can go straight to the shelves for display.

Faster Loading and Unloading

Shipping items in pallets also make the loading and unloading process a lot faster. Typically, you’d have to carry boxes one by one because they are not strong enough to be picked up by a forklift, but if you stack wood pallets on top of each other and carry them out using a forklift, the loading and unloading process can be sped up by far. Pallets have an easy-to-handle design that enables pallet jacks and forklifts to easily manoeuvre them.

Durable and Reusable

One of the great things about wooden crates is that they are strong enough to withstand several uses. Unlike cardboard boxes, wooden pallets do not get crushed and broken down during shipping and transportation, so you can use them as many times as you like, which in turn will save you money on packaging materials.

Essential Things to Know About Wooden Crates

  • As one of the most reliable and durable packaging materials, wooden crates can secure your items during transit.
  • You can customise the design of these crates and crate partitions inside to separate your products.
  • Standard wooden crates are 4 feet wide, 8 feet long and 4 feet high. On the other hand, you can always custom build a crate to accommodate your heavy and oddly-shaped items.
  • Airline companies, trucking services and international shippers prefer wooden crates because they are easier to transport.

Features of High-Quality Wooden Crates

There are several suppliers of wooden crates in the market, but sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a durable, high quality crate from a substandard one. So, before you select a supplier for your shipment, make sure that their products have the following features:

  • Latch or screw closures that will securely fasten your cargo.
    • Skids that are properly positioned. Skids allow your shipment to stay off the ground, protecting them from damage. They also enable easier handling for machinery like pallet jacks or forklifts, so having properly positioned skids are essential, especially when you are shipping heavy items.
  • Properly placed handles. If handles are included in the design of your wooden crates, they should be placed properly to ensure ease of use.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. While wooden crates do not have to look classy or elegant, they should look decent enough and well-constructed.
  • Appropriately labelled. There should always be proper labels on the crates. You can ask your supplier to provide you with directional arrows and warnings for your crate.

Trust Aussie Crates for Quality Wooden Crates

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