How Customised Wooden Crates Can Save You Money

Most people assume that customised designs are more expensive. However, when it comes to wooden crates, that’s far from the truth. An expertly designed packing crate can actually end up saving you money.

In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can enjoy savings by customising your wooden crate.

Reduce Wasted Materials

When a wooden crate is built according to the specifications of a product, you can reduce waste as you will be using the exact amount of the right materials. As a result, you won’t have to spend money on timber that you don’t need.

At Aussie Crates, we consider every detail of the product you need to ship. When customising wooden crates, we think about the weight, size, and handling requirements. So, you will own a personalised wooden crate that is optimised to use materials economically. When there’s less waste, you can save on transport fees and manufacturing costs.

Pack Uniquely Shaped Items

It can be difficult to find ready-made crates that can accommodate your uniquely shaped items. If the crate is too large, the product may move inside the packaging material. As a result, it will get damaged during transit. Imagine how much money you will end up wasting because your client will return the broken item.

Meanwhile, if the wooden crate is designed specifically for your product, you won’t have to worry about expensive damages. The item will be safe inside the packaging material and will remain intact once it reaches the recipient. Consequently, you’re saving money in the long run.

Have Durable Wooden Crates

Custom wooden crates are built from quality materials according to your unique needs and requirements. So, you can expect the timber crates to stay durable during shipping.

When the crate is customised according to your shipping requirements, you can be sure that the packaging will not break during transit. You can specify the items to be stored inside the crate, allowing our team to create a personalised unit for your item. If necessary, there will be additional support within and outside increase its stability for he entire duration of the trip.

Now, because the crate remains strong and reliable, you can keep reusing it for several years. Instead of buying new materials, you can save money by recycling your existing wooden crates.

Protect Your Products from the Elements

The movements during transit are not the only factors that can damage your items. If you’re shipping internationally, the crate can travel by plane or ship. In some cases, the wooden crates can be exposed to the elements.

When customising your wooden crate, you can also add corrosion protective materials inside and outside the packaging material. With proper insulation, the products inside the crate will remain dry and warm.

By protecting the items during transit, you can ensure that they will arrive at their destination without damage. Of course, this will help avoid returns that can add up to your business expenses.

Are You Ready to Save on Shipping?

It’s only natural to worry about the costs of customising your wooden crates. However, here at Aussie Crates, we make sure that we offer our personalised services at reasonable rates. We only want the best value for our client’s money. As such, we carefully listen to your specifications and come up with a cost-effective solution.

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